King Abdullah Financial District Parcel 4.11

Project Summary

Client: FXFOWLE Architects

Services: Documentation, Model Authoring

Technology: Grasshopper, Revit Architecture, Rhinoceros

Business Unit: Projects

FXFOWLE required parametric modeling, geometric rationalization and interoperability workflows during the design of 675,000 sq. ft. mixed-use building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Working closely with the design team and technical specialists, CASE developed a parametric model that enabled the team to explore variations of the overall building volume while maintaining precise geometric control of the highly complex sawtooth enclosure. This model accommodated widely different enclosure conditions while maintaining consistent geometric and design intent. The parametric model was used as the basis of further detailed development in BIM through the application of a custom module that could be applied directly to imported geometry. This workflow enabled the design team to accurately model and document the enclosure using BIM, without losing the flexibility and precision of the design model.