Market Opportunity Definition

Service Summary

Technology is fundamentally changing the landscape of the AECO industry. Flexible firms will weather these changes, but the best firms will thrive on them. Rather than tirelessly reacting to changes in the market, the best firms will be instigating the changes by capitalizing on the technological opportunities. Already we are going through this remarkable period where we are seeing CAD companies buying architecture firms, building owners developing BIM models, and manufactures releasing CAD plugins. The rules are changing and our knowledge of technology and the AECO industry can help you take advantage of these new markets and marketing possibilities. We will meet with your client leadership and marketing teams to assess your firm's existing services and abilities. Together we'll discuss how the industry is moving and what opportunities this presents for your firm in terms of new services and products. We might go away and do market research, or we might stay and run participatory design workshops. We will then make targeted recommendations that build upon your aptitudes and business strategy in order to define new products and services that take advantage of the new opportunities emerging in AECO industry.